5 Days of Surf School

This class is a process to reach an intermediate level from beginner in no more than 5 days. This is very suitable for beginners who really want to know how fun it is to surf on green waves.


Surf School 5 Days : Below is our surfing program at NUNA SURFING School Bali for 5 days surfing lesson packages starting from basic to intermediate level.

Completing this surf lesson program, you will not only be able to surf in Bali but also allow you to surf around the world. We are sure that you will get a lot of cool information about surfing while you are at Nuna SURF, we can’t wait to take you surfing in Bali and introduce you to the amazing world of surfing, you will be addicted!

Class Structure

Each day comprises of 2 hours as follows:

  • 10 min theory
  • 5 min warm up on the beach
  • 45 min first surfing practice in the water
  • 15 min break (optional)
  • 45 min second surfing practice on the water

First day

  • Learn how to surf safely
  • Learn how to stand
  • Learn how to balance
  • Learn how to paddle


The second day

  • Learn how to turn (front side)
  • Learn how and the right time to stand up
  • Learn how to increase speed


The third day

  • Learn how to turn (back side)
  • Learn how to sit on the board and rotate
  • Learn how to choose the right waves


The fourth day

  • Learn how to determine the right wave or left wave
  • Learn how to flip the board (turtle roll)
  • Learn how to ride small green waves


Fifth day

We will start intermediate class:

  • Learn how to read the current
  • Learn surfing rules and etiquette
  • Learn how to take off

Semi-private lessons

Semi-private lessons take place with one surf instructor and two students.

Price: 1,400,000 IDR

Private lessons

Learn how to surf 1-on-1 with an instructor and ensure you receive their complete attention for the entire session

Price: 1,700,000 IDR

They recommend us

Come and enjoy the beautiful waves of Bali

"Jake is the best surf teacher I ever had. Gifted, very patient (many falls...haha) and super friendly. Always spend a great time with him in the water! And I really felt I learned more than in any other lessons with other schools. I 100% recommend it! Thank you Jake :)"



"Amazing surfing classes and amazing teachers. Me and my friends had a really good time. You can’t miss it!!!!!!"

Clar Wong


"Best surf school in Bali! Jake, Alex and Boy are super patient and friendly. I had a great time with them. Surfing is easier than it looks, if you're ever in Bali you have to try Nuna! They also have a cute dog :)"

Yi lin fok



Where is nuna surf located?

Nuna Surf is located at Double Six Beach, in front of Cykelky next to the Furama Xclusive Hotel (The actual location pin can be found in the footer of each website page.)

Why do I have to book prior to having the session?

We require your information in order to understand your surfing level and your needs so we can accommodate accordingly and choose the right waves for your surfing level

After we receive the needed information, we can get back to you with an appropriate schedule for your booking date

What are the advantages of surfing with Nuna Surf Bali?

Nuna Surf Bali provides a special program that is easy to understand and can help you increase your surfing skills, surf like a professional

We have 4 different type of programs structured so you can easily learn how to surf, from beginner level to intermediate one

We are a team of 3 locally experienced and professional instructors

We make it our priority that you stay safe and have fun while enjoying the surfing lessons

What type of package is suitable for a complete beginner?

The 5 day lesson is the perfect package for those of you who have never tried surfing before

This class provides you with the basics of surfing training up to Intermediate level

What should I bring with me for my surfing lesson?

Your very positive attitude

Be physically prepared

Your trust in the process and in yourself

Towel, adequate swimwear, sunscreen protection

What is included in any of the surfing packages?

Instructor for your booked lesson

Pick-up/Drop-off to the following locations: Seminiyak, Legian, Kuta. Extra charge is applicable outside of these zones

1,5 to 2 hours of surf practising in the water (depends on your package)

One bottle of cold refreshing water 

Surf theory and practice in the water

Surf gear that includes: surfboard, leash and surf guard

Pictures of you while surfing